Town History


In 1871, Veedersburgh was laid out by Peter S. Veeder, Christopher Keeling and W. L. D. Cochran, Incorporated 1872. On December 13, 1893 the “h” was dropped from the name, giving Veedersburg the only town with this name.


In 1909, brickyards helped to support the 1757 residents. The Wabash Clay Company (Culver Blocks & The Veedersburg Paver) in Veedersburg had the contract to supply 3.2 million bricks for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Due to the large number of bricks and short time to deliver four other brick yards were subcontracted to fill about 10% of the contract.


Two railways intersected the community making Veedersburg the true “Hub” of Fountain County, as it is still referred to this day.  

Though the brickyards have long since shut down nearly 2180 residents are mainly sustained by farming, manufacturing, local business and commuting to nearby cities.

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